Laghu Sakha

Services We Offer to MSMEs

Laghu Sakha – Sakha means friend to you. A sub-division of 7Qube, it is aimed at servicing the MSME community while remaining a friend to the sector. We are committed for the benefit of the sector by providing services and training, and mentoring resources in the most economical and accessible format. We provide a complete customer resource management system that can be utilized to maximize the potential of each MSME, as well as new businesses, on our platform.

We create an ecosystem that not only talks about the problems of MSMEs among the associated bodies, including Govt, but also provides executable simple solutions.

Laghu Sakha will ensure future tie-ups with international mentors and organizations to provide resource materials and business growth opportunities to MSMEs, along with our internal mentoring services.

Agrobiogenics Technology

AGROBIOGENICS Technology (ABT) is on a mission to achieve development on the basis of Socio-Techno-Commercial and Environmental impacts that would increase Jobs at the “lowest” rungs of the society. Educate and inform the society on ways to enhance current and future developments that impact businesses and commerce that affect the environment.

ABT would generate partnership-nexus between industry and farming, wherein all of agro-resources and agrowastes would form base industry raw-materials. The ensuing operations create conditions for new Biomaterials based industries, generating Alternate Energy, Carbon Sunk Engineered Products (CSEP) and various other value-added products (including processed foods), rivalling those in traditional industry arrangement. Value additions of farm resources would be enhanced. Efficiencies in farming operations would improve. Costs of food materials would come down, benefiting all stakeholders – including final consumers.

Multinational Experience in diverse industries

The team that has worked in multiple working cultures will suggest solutions that can help you adapt to market dynamics, thus lowering your risk and maximizing your potential.