Branding & Marketing

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What we do

Brand is your identity. It is what connects you to your customers. That can be achieved with the formulation of a proper Corporate Identity, including logo, brand messaging, brand positioning, brand voice, style and guide. Branding is required to give out a clear and consistent impression, not only to customers, but also to your team that represents your brand. We assist you in actualizing your goal, while you focus on your core activities.

How we help

Our team delivers the following services

Corporate and Brand identity

Rebranding established businesses

Establishing brand positioning and messaging

Creating a branding strategy

Research and report development

Formulating brand guidelines

Designing company logos, website, communication collaterals, business presentations

Strategising a social media strategy that aligns with the company’s brand identity

Writing copy for websites and other digital/physical collaterals that reflect the brand voice

Assisting in Annual Report design and production

Multinational Experience in diverse industries

The team that has worked in multiple working cultures will suggest solutions that can help you adapt to market dynamics, thus lowering your risk and maximizing your potential.