Marketing & Business Development

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What we do

The market is evolving at light speed. Either you are first or you are fast. Economic uncertainty impacts your every decision. Hiring can be crucial and also very risky when your business is new. Lack of expertise, product knowledge, and training can certainly impact your business. Now is not the time to find reasons for failures; it’s high time to find opportunities for success. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, it’s time to adapt to new ways of business development operations. Be it developing a business for a service or a product, your efforts have to be strategic, tech-savvy, efficient, results-driven, and proven. This can be achieved only if you have a team that has the experience of the past to know the foundation and thinking of today to analyze the trends and suggest solutions that are a perfect fit for your expectations.

As a team of Business Development professionals who have a deep understanding of how businesses operate, we identify opportunities and create plans to help you reach your goals. We help businesses in scaling. To help improve efficiency and avoid bottlenecks as demand increases due to scaling up, we streamline and simplify your processes. In some cases, we guide you on financial matters and help you secure funding from investors.

The top management at 7Qube has considerable experience in helping companies from the US and UK find solutions to their gnawing issues. More and more companies from overseas are looking to outsource to India given its highly educated and English-speaking workforce, cost-effectiveness, political stability, and commitment to the rule of law. We feel we are ideally suited as a company with the overseas experience to take on such work, including that of tech start-ups.

Multinational Experience in diverse industries

The team that has worked in multiple working cultures will suggest solutions that can help you adapt to market dynamics, thus lowering your risk and maximizing your potential.