Our Services

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What we do

7Qube works towards elevating and empowering MSMEs and other industries by providing the optimum means to actualize their potential. While customers remain the focus, risk to business failure is rising given their high expectations, ever-evolving technologies and the growing number of companies entering industries.

Our Services

Effective and economical solutions and resources to MSMEs

1. Branding & Marketing

Branding & Marketing

Branding is required to give out a clear and consistent impression, not only to customers, but also to your team that represents your brand.

2. Public Relations & Digital Marketing

Public Relations & Digital Marketing

We engage with the target audience directly and indirectly through media and events.

3. Marketing & Business Development

Marketing & Business Development

At 7Qube, we create a customer resource management system through our established network in diverse sectors to connect the stakeholders together.

4. Accounting, CFA & Banking Services

Accounting, CFA and Banking Services

The team possesses an expertise in CFA and banking services, specializing in MSME sector.

5. Legal Services

Legal Services

Navigating the legal framework becomes increasingly difficult and we help businesses with it.

6. Online Courses & Quality Audits

Online Courses & Quality Audits

7Qube partners with experts in the industry, marketing communications quality training.

Multinational Experience in diverse industries

The team that has worked in multiple working cultures will suggest solutions that can help you adapt to market dynamics, thus lowering your risk and maximizing your potential.