Why I’m Not Over the Moon

By Sushiila Ttiwari, MD, 7Qube Biz Solutions

As of today we Indians, in India or abroad, are celebrating the success of the Chandrayaan-3 Mission – the moon landing costing us the taxpayers Rs 615 crore.

The mood of the nation is “India shining” and “achhe din aagaye”. But why does it not make me happy and proud as much as the others?

I’m very sure this is a credible achievement, but in focusing all our attention on one achievement, are we not ignoring the pitiable condition of the people at the bottom of the pyramid in our country and the real problems associated with healthcare, employability of the common citizen, skilling of the workforce, infrastructure, education, ease of doing business?


D. Samarender Reddy

Holds degrees in Medicine (MBBS) and Economics (MA, The Johns Hopkins University). Certified programmer. An avid reader. Worked in various capacities as a medical writer, copywriter, copyeditor, software programmer, newspaper columnist, and content writer.

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