Indian Economy Has Many Challenges, Which are Being Sidestepped and Time+Money Spent on Irrelevant Matters

by Hariharan PV (Founder: AGROBIOGENICS; Author: AGROBIOGENICS Technology; TECHNIMATION; BLUEPRINT for WORLD Must Begin in India; DRDO Awardee)

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Our Politicians continually make noise—“India Shining”, often unleashing cooked-up data.


1. Less than a million people (Politicians/Industrialists/Big Businesses/Cinema stars) enjoy 55% of the GDP

2. About 7% of the population pays income tax

3. Less than 80 Mn Working class scrape through the benefits of PF/ESI

4. Another 150 Mn eke out their living, through the concept of “Trickle effects”

5. Over ONE BILLION BoP live on just 5% of the GDP impact—millions living in dilapidated shanties/roadsides/railway-line sides

The 5th category includes 75% of the 185 Mn Farm Families (900 Mn members). The GDP per capita of One Bn people is < Rs.10,000 ($120). The Politicians offer lip service in support, but the Politicians/Celebrities enjoy 400 times the earning power of the downtrodden people🤔🤭🤫

The Western world brainwashes these Top INDIANS into becoming a sort of “COMMISSION-AGENCY” personnel, to purloin the $3.5 Tr purchasing power of about 12% of the population. That is the “ACHCHAE DIN” platform of India—the other 88% of the population living in poverty/misery. Within those, not less than 900 Mn are in deep poverty.


Indian GDP Per-capita must be $12,500 (now at less than $2,400), to be called a Developed Nation. But, what does it take to reach that level? How many years are needed, to reach that level? And, can we state that the Rupee-Dollar parity continues at this level? If not, what should be the real GDP, at that point in time? If India is to become a developed nation, we HAVE TO STOP ALL IRRELEVANT PROJECTS that waste Tax money; instead, concentrate on PLANNED DEVELOPMENT.

1. India must get out of Capitalist dictates, and become a Democratic/Socialist/Secular/Parliamentary system, where PEOPLE’S NEEDS will be prime [Not those of VVIPs, Celebrities, Politicians, etc]

2. #Education will be a Prime Social need,—every Indian must be offered FREE education

3. Every able adult must have a Minimum Decent Living (MDL) earning

4. Every family must have modern #healthcare

5. All of those can be made possible when India has modern Agriculture, Irrigation, Power systems, Transport facilities, Industries, Research & Development, Science/Technology/Engineering/Medicine—without increasing #CarbonFootprint


It will need the strenuous efforts of thousands of people. A SMALL GROUP has begun in a small way.

How many will join?

D. Samarender Reddy

Holds degrees in Medicine (MBBS) and Economics (MA, The Johns Hopkins University). Certified programmer. An avid reader. Worked in various capacities as a medical writer, copywriter, copyeditor, software programmer, newspaper columnist, and content writer.

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