5 Legal & Compliance Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business


Prashant Sharma

Founder at Infinilex Consultancy Private Limited

As Infinilex Consultancy Private Limited takes flight, both me and KHUSHBOO SINGH have had the fortune to interact with tons of founders from diverse walks of life. However, on an average, the problems or issues faced by most are fairly easy to bundle into the 5 categories the post speaks of. To help shed some light on these 5 missteps that businesses can avoid early-on to mitigate long terms risks, I will be using the entirety of the next week to write in depth on each of these errors, how it impacts a business and how it can be mitigated. Stay tuned for posts on the same and please share your experiences or struggles that you would want me to write about in addition to the 5 delineated in the infographic.


D. Samarender Reddy

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